Business Start-Ups

In the Start-Up process, do you feel overwhelmed and lost in the formation of your new business?
The Tax Office can provide a clear direction to getting your business started! We can help form businesses from Sole Proprietorship, LLC, Partnership, or Corporation. Which of these can be beneficial or burdensome for your type of business? Each of these has a very different tax structure. The Tax Office can provide you with years of essential knowledge that will assist you in every step. Our team can guide you through the benefits of each! So, you can decide what is best for your business! And we file all the paperwork!

Every year hundreds of thousands of businesses are created leading to many new jobs. Micro & Small businesses are the heart of our workforce. But every year there are also hundreds of thousands of micro & small businesses close their doors. If you are just starting a business, don't be another statistic.

Why do I need an Accountant?
If you are just starting a business, we will take the form of another business adviser. We offer advice on your business plan and can offer monthly bookkeeping, we can also advise you with budgeting, forecasting cash flow, credit control, and general financial advice. We can also offer you up-to-date information on any general or legal inquiries. All to help you better understand the business of your business!

All business needs a solid foundation. Starting your business on a sound footing will be a game-changer for your company. Here at The Tax Office, we want to help your business navigate your way to success. You will only start your business once let us help you start it successfully. Unfortunate mistakes made in the beginning can haunt you for years to come.

As the Business Grows!

We are not just here to help you manage your money. As your business grows we can advise you on the best way to arrange additional finance without putting your business at risk. Adequate working capital, proper systems, and controls, invoicing....along with tax issues that we can effectively minimize the costs as taxation is a large business expense.

Opening a successful business...

Starting Your New Business is exciting, thrilling, and adventurous. With this new passion comes challenges. Below are some common things everyone needs to start their new business.

- Evaluate and develop your business idea
- Decide on a legal structure for your business
- Choose a Name for your business/register your business name
- Find a business location
- File for a license and permits
- Obtain insurance
- Set up your books
- Set up tax report
- Set up payroll and payroll tax account

You Are More Than A Customer at The Tax Office,
And we are More than just a tax office...

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